SEO Tools to Analyze Backlinks

Backlinks are becoming more and more important in determining search engine rankings. There is even more emphasis on building quality incoming links to your site. Analyzing the links of the top ranking sites for a keyword is a great way to determine how hard it will be to get a top ranking and to get ideas for links to your site. There are some great free link analysis tools to help and to automate the process.

List of Backlink Analysis Tools

Link Appeal
Free tool calculates the desirability rating of having a backlink from a specified URL

Back Link Watch
Free back link analyzer tool

Link Extractor
Free tool extracts and lists the links from a web page

Link Sleuth
Free software finds broken links on your websites

Link Checker
Free tool checks the status of links on a web page and reports broken links

Touch Graph
Free tool makes it easy to visualize the relationships between related websites