The Best Social Bookmarking Tools

Social bookmarking is a great way to help index web pages but it takes a lot of social bookmark links, more than you could ever do manually, to provide much in the way of search engine benefit. Social bookmarking can be especially helpful in ranking articles on web 2.0 or article directory sites for long tail searches. The combination of the authority status of the domain and some social bookmarking link juice are a pretty good combination.

There are some really good automated social bookmark tools to get hundreds and even thousands of backlinks at the push of a button. There are also some pretty good free bookmarking services. They have less features, less automation and bookmark to a lot fewer sites but they work and they are free.

Read my post on social bookmarking strategies for some tips.

Lists of Social Bookmarking Sites

List of over 1,100 social bookmarking accounts

Bookmarking Sites
List of social bookmarking and social media sites

Do-Follow Bookmarks
List of social bookmarking sites that have do-follow links by Caroline Middlebrook

Automated Social Bookmarking Programs


The ultimate in social media services. Their network of users lets you get bookmarks, tweets, mentions, “social buzz” and votes from over 800 users on different IP addresses with over 18,000 social media accounts. A high end product that is not cheap but if the search engines keep incorporating more “social media buzz” in their algorithms this is the type of service to have.

Bookmarking Demon EDITOR’S CHOICE
Far and away the best automated bookmarking tool. It works with 100+ social bookmarking services and you can add unlimited numbers of Pligg, Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, PHP dugg sites, it creates accounts and verifies emails automatically, it crawls domains and RSS feeds for easier bookmarking, it has a scheduler for drip submission and it supports proxies. With the automated account creation you can create multiple bookmarking “personas” each with a hundred bookmarking accounts and thousands of Pligg and Scuttle type sites. Very powerful.

Social Elves
Service that uses organic marketing campaigns on Digg to help you build conversations about your brand and drive traffic to your website or blog from Digg.

Social Maximizer
Bookmark submission service


Now offers a free “Lite” version of its bookmarking, social voting and twitter service. The free service sets up bookmarking accounts for¬† your and once you set up a campaign you don’t have to do anything else. You can learn a lot about using social buzz for SEO from their training materials too. This is a must use free service.

Free service that gives you over 20 bookmarks from other member’s bookmark accounts to up to 5 URL’s per day. Some of the biggest and best social bookmark services are included. You have to set up accounts at all the bookmark services but your submissions are not bookmarked to those accounts. To earn credits for free bookmarks you need to bookmark URL’s input by other members. This is as simple as clicking “Quick Share” and then “Share All”. You can bookmark a URL as many times as you like. You can enter over 30 different URL’s, spin the title and description and set the number of bookmarks you want for that URL and forget about it. Every time you bookmark some else’s URL’s your bookmarks are randomly submitted for other members to bookmark. Now includes tweets from other member’s twitter accounts. Awesome service.

IM Automator
Free service that lets you bookmark up to 10 URL’s each day to 15 social bookmark accounts. You can only submit each URL once. You do not have to set up accounts at the social bookmark services so you get links from different accounts making it look less like you are bookmarking only your own content. A great little service to get up to 150 backlinks per day from accounts that aren’t yours.

Social Monkee
Free service that gives you 25 do follow social bookmarks each day to any URL you provide. You have to submit a URL’s manually but there is a firefox add-on to help automate it and it lets you spin Titles, Descriptions and Tags to help make each submission unique. You do not have to set up accounts at the social bookmark services so the submissions are not on your accounts so it provides account diversity. Easy way to get 25 bookmarks each day from accounts that aren’t yours. If you get others to sign up to the free service you can get up to 750 bookmarks per day.

Social Marker
Free automated social bookmarking tool

Only Wire
Free automated social bookmarking tool if you add a bookmark and share button to your site. If you don’t want their “share” button on your site you can either set up a free Blogger or blog to put it on so you can get accepted delete it from your site after you are approved.

Use it with the Only Wire WordPress plugin that will automatically post bookmark your blog posts. The plugin lets you rotate between between different Only Wire accounts and choose  how many posts you want to bookmark (1 of every 2, 1 of every 3, etc.) so you can avoid looking like a bookmark spammer.

Social Poster
Free automated bookmarking tool with over 200 sites and it lets you sort by do-follow, top, PageRank, Alexa and more

Firefox addon that makes sharing stuff online easy. Works with over 60 services including Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Delicious, LinkedIn

Other Bookmarking Tools

Xmarks Sync
The #1 bookmarking addon. Sychronizes your bookmarks and passwords (optional) and open tabs on all your computers.Works across multiple browsers too.

Share This
Free browser toolbar for Firefox that lets you bookmark a website you are visiting to multiple social bookmarking accounts at the same time.

Digger Plus
Makes it easy to view through your friends digg submissions. Offers different views and you can even view all friends on one page.

Social Blade
Shows statistics for top digg users and digg front page content. A great place to study what makes a great digg story so you can create diggable content and feel the digg effect.

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